2009. október 2., péntek

FW: Always good to know if you come by car on Monday 5 october

5 October - major demonstration in Schuman area

A demonstration of European farmers organised by the European Milk Board (estimated 5000 participants and 1000 tractors) is expected to take place on 5 October from 11:00 to coincide with the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels. The tractors will be directed by the police to the Parc du Cinquantenaire mainly via Avenue de Tervuren, others will arrive via Drogenbos and Rue de Stalle.

Violent activities cannot be excluded. A podium will be set up on Rond Point Schuman and there may be a security perimeter around the BERL building. DS staff will be placed at the entrances of the BERL, CHAR and DG AGRI buildings as of 10:00, (Police forces will be installed nearby as back-up). Access to Commission buildings may be difficult. Significant traffic problems in the European quarter and all over Brussels are to be expected.

We invite you to follow the demonstration security advice and to check IntraComm regularly for up-dates on Monday.
The Commission duty office (22222) is at your disposal in case of problems during the event.

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