2008. április 2., szerda

FW: New rules for flexitime......

 " We have been informed by central services that the rules concerning flexitime have been changed recently. The so-called "coffee-breaks" and "cigarette-breaks" will no longer count as working time. Staff is instructed to note all of these breaks in their flexitime sheets. To ensure a smooth transition, the security service has been asked to help enforce the new rules. The guards at the reception will note the times people spend outside on "cigarette-breaks". They will also do random checks on people entering and leaving the building. Security personnel will have the right to ask for justification for absences from the building during working hours (staff is therefore asked to keep an up-to-date print-out of their Outlook calendar with them to show what outside meeting they are coming from or heading to). The same instructions have been given to the cafeteria staff . Please always show them your badge when ordering a beverage to be consumed in the cafeteria so that your name and time spent can be noted. For people who spend more than 30 min a day in the cafeteria, the staff has been instructed to stop providing them with beverages intended for consumption there and only sell them (minor quality) take-away beverages. These rules take effect as from today (01.04.2008). In case you have any questions, please contact *** or *** " 

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