2007. július 10., kedd

FW: Ask for time of the technician - 1

Így kezdődött a történet a Belgacommal ...
Először csak érdeklődtem naivan, hogy mikor is jön a szerelő ...

From: charles.gueho@belgacom.be [mailto:charles.gueho@belgacom.be]
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 10:01 AM
To: O Attila (TAXUD)
Subject: FW: Ask for time of the technician

Hello sir,

Still waiting for the technical service to give you a date.

I'll contact u as soon as possible.


Best regards



Charles Guého
Sales Representative

Fixed Line services operations
Sales & Customer Service
Tél + 32 2 3491029
Fax +32 2 3491036




From: TB Uccle
Sent: 09 July 2007 15:11
To: GUEHO Charles (SCS/POS)
Subject: FW: Ask for time of the technician


charles un client à toi



Tiziana La Ferrara
Shop Manager Uccle

Fixed Line Services Operations 
Sales & Customer Service
Rue Xavier De Bue, 52 - 1180 Uccle
Tel + 32 2 349 10 34
Mobile +32 477 99 20 20





From: Attila.O.eu [mailto:Attila.O.eu]
Sent: 09 July 2007 11:03
To: tb.uccle@belgacom.be
Subject: Ask for time of the technician

Dear Sir/Madame,

I was at your shop on 07/07/2007 and ordered a full pack of Belgacom services. I was told that the technician availability database was not accessible at the moment, but I will be notified about the arrival of the technician Monday (today).

Could you be please notify me via e-mail, responsing to this email? I would prefer to have the technician in the morning hours.

Best regards,


Attila O 
 <cím> , 1180 UCCLE

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