2008. december 3., szerda

Figyelmeztetés a mindennapi veszélyekre

A csatolt üzenetbol is látszik, hogy nem fenékig tejfel az élet: az EU negyedben is garázdálkodnak olyan bandák, melyek az autó ablakát betörve lopják (rabolják) el értékeinket. Szerencsére mi nem járunk autóval erre.


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Dear Colleagues,

Last Friday evening around 5.30pm, I was at Rond-Point Schuman when my handbag was snatched.

Yesterday (Sunday) evening, my neighbour - a lawyer who works near the Commission - was leaving her office around 6pm when, at a red light near Shumann, she was attacked by three men who threw a rock through the driver's seat window (her car doors were locked) and yanked her handbag from the car. She was left with cuts and bruises and a damaged car.

A few weeks ago, a colleague from my previous firm suffered a dislocated shoulder when her handbag was snatched near Shumann....

Then today, I hear that two colleagues from DG COMP were also attacked last week (see emails below)....

When I spoke with the Police, they say there has been a recent rise in attacks around the Institutions, especially against women. Their advice is the following:

(1) Avoid getting cash from ATM machines on the street

(2) Always hide handbags/valuables when driving (under your seat is best)

(3) Avoid carrying your handbag across your chest as while this may make it harder for the thieves to 'snatch' your handbag, it also increases the risk of injury (I am unscathed, thank God, partly because I was simply holding my handbag by my side)

I am now carrying my valuables in a little 'pochette' hidden beneath my coat so that even if my handbag gets snatched,my passport/credit cards etc are safe.

I don't want to alarm you, but given the recent rise in attacks, I think it serves us well to be vigilant...


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From: ** (COMP)
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 9:30 AM
Subject: What a coincidence ?

Good morning,

Yesterday evening at 18:45 the lady waiting at the traffic lights - Rue Commerce trying to drive into rue de la loi (up at OLAF)- in the car behind ours had her side window smashed and the handbag stolen.

Another incident to report to OIB, ADMIn and Brussels police and a memory not to leave anything visible on the seat next to you


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From: ** (COMP)
Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 10:20 AM
Subject: Security

Dear colleagues,

Yesterday night at 6:30 one of our colleagues was car-jacked by an armed man on Joseph II.

Could you please make sure not to leave your bags or other items of value on the car seat since, as happened yesterday, this increases the risk of this type of incidents.

We will reiterate our request to OIB and ADMIN DS to take urgent steps to repair/increase the lightening of Joseph II in the evening.


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