2009. május 15., péntek

A/H1N1 Update

On 13/05/2009 the Belgian authorities confirmed that a 28-year old Belgian man is being treated for influenza A/H1N1 in the Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels. The man, who is from Flanders, returned from a trip to the US on 11 May. The following day, he visited his doctor, who noted flu symptoms and sent samples from the patient to the Institut scientifique de Santé publique (ISP). The patient had remained isolated since his doctor's appointment and was taken to the Saint-Pierre hospital upon confirmation of the virus. St Pierre has facilities to isolate the patient and has confirmed that his symptoms are mild. All people who have been in contact with the patient have been contacted by the authorities, and there is no cause for alarm or to raise the crisis alert level at the present time.

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