2009. május 18., hétfő

FW: Berlaymont staff requested to go home

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    From:   EC SECURITY
    Sent:   Monday, May 18, 2009 4:38 PM
    Subject:        Berlaymont staff requested to go home
    Importance:     High

      Berlaymont staff requested to go home

      A fire occurred today in the Berlaymont building at around 13:00. Evacuation of the building was undertaken smoothly and in an orderly fashion.

      Staff working in the building:

      You are requested to go home. You are on special leave for the rest of the day until tomorrow, Tuesday, 19 May, 14.30h.

      The building cannot be re-entered for the time being. We would ask you, where possible, to work from home.

      Instructions for retrieving your cars : For staff cars parked in the Berlaymont car park: You cannot enter the car park for the time being. Please find alternative ways to reach your home or wait for further instructions.

      Other staff:

      You cannot go to the building. All meetings in the Berlaymont are cancelled until further notice .

      For staff working in Berlaymont,

      Please consult IntraComm and your email for regular updates:

    IntraComm access:
    Commission email: 

    In addition, a phone number will be available as of Tuesday, 19 May, 08.00h for staff having their offices in the building. The number is: 02-295 ÷÷÷÷.

    Your manager may also contact you via phone call or sms, so please keep your mobile phone switched on at all times.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    We will keep you up-dated.

    Director general DG ADMIN

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