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FW: Information about a very sick girl - this is not spam

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From: ZO.
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:47 PM
Subject: Information about a very sick girl - this is not spam

Dear colleagues,
I apologise for bothering you and taking some of your time with my email.
I understand that the issue I am describing below is a very delicate one, and that everyone decides on her or his own, whether or not to pay attention to such problems, and whether or not to get involved. 
I have learned that a little girl of 11 months old from Russia is very sick with a liver disease glycogenosis type I b or glycogen (storage) disease, due to which she needs that her liver is transplanted (her farther will become her donor). The long, and even short term prognosis without the operation is very bad, as there is a danger that different systems of the body will slowly stop functioning. In Russia such operations are not done (at least not for children). One of the places where such transplantation can be done for little children, is Clinique Universitaire Saint Luc in Brussels. The parents have already undertook contacts with Professor Redan of the Clinique Saint Luc. The results of the treatment, as was explained by the Professor, are usually good. Well, the family needs to collect 87 000 euro for transplantation and 15 000 for rehabilitation. The money has to be transferred to clinique's account before the patient can arrive. Patients in Russia are normally not insured and not supported by the state in case of such diseases, not by a single rouble. They have to gather the money themselves. And the family does not have it. The parents have organised several information campaigns about the needs of the girl, but still the collection goes slowly. Up to now they have collected (in Russia mostly) only around 6 000 euro. The information about the girl, whose name is Arseniya, could be found on:
The information there is unfortunately in Russian only, I will receive later information from her mother in English, but on the lefthandside of the page it is easy to find a button to make a PayPal donation. If you click the button, further PayPal information is in English. Important! After having made PayPal money transfer, there is a need to send an email to mmelnikas@hotmail.com , informing about the amount of money transferred, and the name of recipient: for Arseniya Kudryavceva

There is the Belgian bank account:

979-2396117-28 where it should be mentioned that the recipient is Association Rogalevich   and the purpose is donation for Arseniya Kudryavceva. 

I guarantee the correctness and reliability of this information as I have contacts with the girl's mother. I sincerely hope very much the girl will receive the necessary treatment here in Brussels soon.
Please feel free to forward this message.
I apologise once again for bothering you.
With regards, 


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