2008. február 26., kedd

40 éves a Vámunió

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As part of the communication campaign the following measures will - among others - be carried out :
March : Logo and slogan in 23 languages are made available.
April : DG TAXUD launches a special Internet Site "40 years Customs Union".
May : DG TAXUD starts disseminating two video clips (duration around 1 minute each) and video documentary (around 8 minutes).
May/June : Dissemination of information material such as posters, exhibition displays and a leaflet starts.
7 June : DG TAXUD presents customs work at the Commission's Open Day (BERL).
June : A "Coordinated customs operation week" takes place in several Member States.
June/July : Promotional banners are available on Commission buildings.
4 July : A special event organised by the French Council Presidency takes place in Paris.
July/August : Advertising in in-flight magazines and along motorways near borders.

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