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Fwd: Ask for help - Aprilia SR50, on 17/04/2008 @ 14:33

Írtak a mocisok, hogy mikor megyek már végre a motorért, különben napi 5 eurót b4szn4k a nyakamba :)
Gyorsan írtam is nekik vissza, hogy végre! :)))
(de majd csak csütörtökön)

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From: O. Attila
Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: Ask for help - Aprilia SR50, on 17/04/2008 @ 14:33
To: Rita Jorge <bmr.rita@skynet.be>

Dear Rita,
Thank you for your kind email.
So far this was the first news from the scooter, I am happy, that finally it is OK.
I was there at your shop in July but you were closed, and also tried to call you a few times, but noone picked up ... so finally I am happy to hear the good news. When it is suitable for you to meet?
Very best regards,

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 4:02 PM, Rita Jorge <bmr.rita@skynet.be> wrote:
Your scooter is ready since a few months.  We would like you to pick it up.
If the scooter has not been picked up before the end of September we will
charge you 5 Euros a day from the 1st of October.

Kind regards
Rita Jorge

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Van: Nobody [mailto:nobody@h11.llord.com] Namens Attila@h11.llord.com
Verzonden: donderdag 17 april 2008 14:34
Aan: bmr.rita@skynet.be
Onderwerp: Ask for help - Aprilia SR50, on 17/04/2008 @ 14:33

 I had an accident with my SR50 and the front needs to be repaired - can I
take my scooter to you to have it repaired?

Thank you from your answer in advance.


BMR - Brussel Motor Renting

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